Why WordPress is Economical yet Ideal Solution for Small Businesses?

Why WordPress is Economical yet Ideal Solution for Small Businesses?

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Do you know earlier business owners had to look for website developers to make even minor changes on their websites? But after the launch of WordPress, managing websites has become simpler. Hence, it’s a blessing for webmasters and small business owners. You should  choose  a WordPress Development Company to make a user friendly website for your business.

Before digging into the benefits of WordPress for small businesses, let’s find out what WordPress is.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is online publishing software that’s used to create a wonderful website or blog. It is known to be the cheapest, easiest and most flexible website and blogging content management system (CMS).

This web platform has been designed as an SEO-friendly platform to create content for blogs. Meanwhile, it includes features like tagging, hyperlink management, comments and content categorization. Thus, beginners and small business owners can manage it on their own.

Why You Should Not Consider A Free Website?

Why Small Businesses Should Choose WordPress?

Here are some reasons that make WordPress highly beneficial for small businesses for content management:

1. WordPress is Free of Cost

WordPress is Free of Cost

Yes, you read that right! WordPress is a free web platform. You can easily download it for free and even install it on your blog or website. Being a small business owner, you must be looking for less pricey solutions. Therefore, WordPress has come up as bliss for small businesses to save time and money.

2. Quick and Easy Website Setup

Another main reason why small businesses must consider WordPress is that it’s easy to install and set up. With just one click, you can install it without the need for hardcore skills or hosting experts.

It offers two main hosting plans – Bluehost (for shared hosting) and Cloudways (for cloud-managed hosting). With this, you can choose your WordPress plan to set up an account. If you select a managed WordPress plan via a trusted firm, such as Flywheel or WP Engine, you won’t have to stress at all. These firms specialize in WordPress, so it will be already set up, optimized and configured before you complete the sign-up plan. The managed hosting plan even does the installation for you. So, you only have to focus on your business – NOT the server.

3. User-Friendly Interface

WordPress has been designed to let both non-technical and technical people handle it with ease. It makes WordPress popular across the globe. Another essential fact to consider is its user-friendly and interactive interface that enables them to create posts, menus, web pages and forms. Meanwhile, they can manage media like images and videos with convenience.

4. Open Source Web Development Platform

WordPress is known as an open-source web development platform because anyone can easily download it. While downloading, you can use the code found in WordPress Codex for adding functionality to the website. It is one of the advantageous features of WordPress for small business owners. For managing the source code, business owners can hire a WordPress developer. But it’s their choice. Or, they can even handle it themselves.

5. Extensive Range of Themes & Plugins

Extensive Range of Themes & Plugins

WordPress comes with a variety of free themes on the WordPress.org theme directory or Just Free Themes website. All these themes are elegantly designed and also integrated to form an interactive website.

Besides, WordPress comes with a lot of free plugins on the web. Just like the themes, there are various pre-developed plugins in the WordPress plugin directory, including CodeCanyon, Pippin’s Plugins, ThemeIsle and more. All these plugins are easy to install and use, adding functionality to your website.


For a startup or small business, having a strong web presence can be difficult. But with WordPress, they can easily develop their business website. Since WordPress comes with various features and plugins, it is simple to understand, allowing users to create the desired website or blog without any hassle. Contact us

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