What are the Custom API Development Services and its Benefits

What are the Custom API Development Services and its Benefits by Eligocs

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Every solution in the modern world is noted as being interdependent and needing a constant flow of data. The Custom API Development services ensure that these data flows are secure, functional, smooth, and reliable.

The custom API integration can help connect across varied systems, enhancing the solutions associated with essential functions and features, including synchronization, payment processing, employee attendance tracking, data validity verification, authentication, interactive voice response, and data exchange.

The custom API integration and web services are highly overlapping and commonly shared technical phrases people often confuse. Would you think there is a significant difference between them or whether they are the same here? Let us know more about the APIs and how they help businesses.

What is an API & its Features?API Development Services- Eligocs

API or the Application programming interface determines the interaction between varied software intermediaries. The solutions with API integrations are the definitions and protocol allowing a single application to intercommunicate with the other.

API is noted as the information gateway determining the requests and calls, allowing services and software for intercommunicating where the customers are extending the entire functionality to varying degrees.

The custom API integration services gets the customized, industry-standard, and component-specific tools offering interoperability and compatibility.

The API integration solutions will allow the modular programs to conceal vital details and data, allowing the users to operate the interface implementation services.

Various Custom API Integration Services

  • Third-party API Integrations

You can now get the customer third-party API integration and development services, helping companies connect their sites, apps, and systems. It helps to improve your productivity and work efficiency by incorporating third-party integration services and unique aspects.

  • API Integration for Payment Gateway

Businesses can use the API integration services to connect their sites and apps through the payment gateway. The prominent payment gateways include the CCAvenue Stripe, Gray, Paypal, BillDesk, PayU, and Authorise.net, using the custom API integration for simplifying the entire workflow.

  • API as a Service

API is a service allowing you to handle custom API integrations and interact with third-party APIs. We can use the protocols for web APIs like REST, SOAP, JSON, and HTTP/HTTP to properly execute the API-based microservices. You can avail all your data sources being incorporated and save the time and money of your employees by using API as a service.

  • API Integration for Social Media

Increasing the traffic to your site with a rich selection of social media API integration is included. You can structure your audience reach and social presence for your content with the clients and potential customers to help increase your ROI.

  • Automate API Testing

Suppose you have a product needing testing and automation for a successful deployment development. In that case, it is considered the custom API development service where the API integration developer’s experience across the CD/CI processes and automates the testing that includes the functional, unit, UI, load, and performance testing naming a couple of them.

It offers robust API development services along with third-party API integration services. The professionals can securely and flawlessly start implementing the third-party API into the product and building a trustworthy API solution. You can get in touch with the experts to avail yourself of the cost-effective API development for the sites, platforms, controllers, desktops, and mobile apps.

API Integration Benefits

Whenever you are surfing the internet, you can avail a massive range of custom API integration services available in the market today, improving the entire interface and the functionality of the new and existing programs to help improve business implementation and productivity.

It is essential for the IT development companies to use the varied API authentication methods that include the API Keys, Auth, SAML, token, and JWT, to name a few, to avail secured API integration solutions for the most successful business.

  • Cloud-based API Integrations

The Cloud-based API provides a solid interface for developing remote solutions across enterprise applications and storage systems. It is the most critical component for connectivity and communications. You can even adapt to your company’s scalable and effective custom API integration services to meet your needs by accessing the information across varied platforms and devices.

  • Cost-EffectiveCost Effective- API Integration Services- Eligocs

You need not invest in expensive equipment and systems by adopting cloud-based application migration services. You may have to pay whatever you are using while organizing your budget by spending more during the peak times and less while you need not include any storage capacity or infrastructure.

There are a few public cloud-based platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure due to their scalability, affordability, and efficiency.

  • Protection and Safety

Privacy and protected Custom API Integration Services- EligocsYou can hire an API integration developer to build secure custom API solutions allowing real-time data synchronization and eliminating redundancy. The Custom API integration services can help leverage the varied security levels based on the enterprise application development. You can get in touch with various companies offering API integration solutions and development services with varying levels of security incorporated based on the types of applications.

  • Communication and Connectivity Reinforcement

Integrating the ideal software that matches your business requirement offers important credibility to your business, reinforcing the connectivity. The end users can check out the interface while experiencing the seamless transactions adding a more excellent quality experience.

  • Custom Product Innovation

The third-party API integration services adopt varied verticals in the business. For example, Uber has Google Maps integrated into their app, offering their users the routes, destinations, and estimated arrival times. You can get their entire service platform using API integration solutions.

  • Competence and Automation

The API integration development and solutions will allow you to connect your software, sites, and third-party apps through standard or custom APIs. Suitable software efficiently manages and handles various activities, including sales, marketing, payroll processing, and inventories. The automation help reduce the money, time, and effort involved in properly executing their work strategy.

The technology behind API Development

  1. REST API- Representational State Transfer

REST APIs have existed for quite a while, and they will never evade anytime since it is used massively and understood well with several common issues resolved. In contrast, it has improved over the past few years due to the creativity under the HTTP protocols.

  1. SOAP- Simple Object Access Protocol

Simple Object Access Protocol or SOAP is the protocol defined as being the standard, while REST is noted as the architectural style. SOAP relies on XML-based systems and programming tending to gain more significant, most expensive information. SOAP APIs offer a greater security level commonly used in cases involving the application’s interaction with the financial institute.

  1. XML-RPC

It is the remote procedure called protocol or RPC. The functionality allows the programs to make the process calls throughout the network.

This protocol uses XML to encode the entire calls for the HTTP for transportation. The XML-RPC is an ancient one that originated in 1998 as it is massively superseded through the SOAP.


JSON-RPC is identical to the XML-RPC; however, it uses the JavaScript Object Notation instead of the XML.

Final thoughts

The software for API Integration connects to the varied applications, ensuring data transfer occurs between them. Various tech elements are working together and passing the data seamlessly. API integration is widely used across diverse industries and becoming a necessity for the automation of the application workflow and minimizing the number of errors happening during this connection. For more, know about our services

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