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We have prior experience in Web Development and Designing. We have also worked on custom frameworks such as Codeignitor, Cake PHP, Zend (object- oriented framework), Symfony (set of decoupled and reusable components using which best PHP applications are built), Yii (a high-performance PHP framework for developing large-scale web applications), and Laravel (framework based on MVC and featured at modular packaging system).



Web based Application Designing & Development

Be assured of the value for money in terms of stellar web/web-based application designing and development solutions.

At Eligo Creative Services, you can rest assured of getting website designing and development solutions that are cross-browser, mobile and cross-device compatible. We specialize in custom based and CMS based website development, with a team of design expert working diligently with clients to incorporate the most creative ideas under one roof. We build everything from basic websites to more complex website apps suited for your business.

Our web development solutions are never the same for every client, with our focus on creating tailored solutions that include unique and highly customized web designing and development services for our clients. We also provide web-based application design and development services that focus on creating web-based applications from scratch to suit your requirements, specifications and goals to the ‘T’.

Content Writing and Management

Let Eligo Creative Services take the responsibility of generating meaningful traffic to your website through our content writing and management services.

One of the main highlights of a great website is its content. Eligo Creative Services understands the importance of a proper Content Management System (CMS) for a good website. This is why we have with us a team of highly skilled and experienced content writers who can enrich websites with creative, meaningful, insightful and keyword-rich content appreciated by visitors.

Our team is experienced in writing on different topics related to different fields and will leave no stone unturned to create rich content, leading to a boost in website traffic.


Nothing remarkable can be achieved if several people do not collaborate to generate something that can empower human kind. Yes! You caught it right. Here, we emphasize on the team work, on the strengths of each member contributing to be a part of the team. Likewise, at Eligo Creative Services, we have assembled a team of creative and innovative designer, software developer, content writer, graphics designer that work collectively and cooperatively to accomplish the projects on the specified time. We love what we do. It’s who we are. We have been recognized for our work around all the aspects that are covered together at national and international grounds.

(Layouts / Banners / Logos)

Let your logo speak for your brand with a range of unique and creative branding ideas from Eligo Creative Services.

Branding has become a very important part of a business’s success today. Proper branding and marketing can increase your brand’s name and reputation in the market considerably.

At Eligo Creative Services, we aim to create brand identities that relate to our clients’ business and connect them better with their target customers.

Embedded within a single design, our brand design solutions related to logos, banners and layouts will convey your goals and intention to your customer, increasing your reach to the target market.

(CVs/ Portfolios)

Let our team of skilled experts handle your recruitment woes by creating CVs employers can’t say no to.

Another area where Eligo Creative Services extends its reach is CV and Portfolio Design. We understand the importance of a proper resume or online portfolio to attract potential employers.

Our team of experts sit with you to analyze your strengths on a professional and personal level and create the perfect resume/portfolio that describes you as a person and a professional. Our CV/portfolio services are very affordable and offer you the best possible solution for your time and budget.

Android app development

Jump onto the Android app development bandwagon with Eligo’s team of skilled android developers and engineers who create attractive and functional android apps.

Android applications have taken over the mobile world to this day. If you are searching for a reputable android developer/engineer to create Android applications from scratch, look no further than Eligo Creative Services.

We combine innovative ideas with current trends and technological knowledge to create unique, one-of- a-kind apps loved by all.

Android Hosting

Eligo Creative Services offers android hosting services that are tailored to suit each client.

Want a sturdy, robust and reliable platform to host your android apps? At Eligo Creative Services, you get access to the most affordable and effective hosting services for your Android apps.

We take away the headache of taking care of the technical stuff and assure you unparalleled speed as well as uptime for your android apps.

Website Hosting

Eligo Creative Services offers the perfect hosting space for your website at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Look no further than Eligo Creative Services when searching for a reputable firm for your website hosting needs. With loads of attractive packages to choose from and the best prices in the industry, you can rest assured of getting the perfect hosting space for your website.

Our website hosting packages can be customized to suit your hosting needs and requirements as well, thus ensuring that you get the maximum value for your money.

API Integrations

Get access to effective and affordable API integration solutions at Eligo Creative Services.

Eligo Creative Services is an industry expert in offering fully functional, effective and affordable API integration solutions for clients. Our team works diligently to ensure the seamless functioning of all the enterprise systems within an organization.

In doing so, it assures proper interaction between all data, application and devices, thus avoiding unnecessary hassles that may crop up along the way.

Search Engine optimization (SEO)

In today’s SEO driven world, Eligo Creative Services takes it as a responsibility to make your website SEO keyword rich.

 At Eligo Creative Services, we have a team of highly talent SEO experts who work nonstop to make your website SEO compatible while staying attuned to existing, current and changing SEO trends.

Our SEO packages ensure that your website gets all it needs to rank higher in search engine results in a legitimate and effective manner.

Android Game Development

Eligo Creative Services remains the market leader in creating android games that are intuitive, innovative and out-of- the-box.

Let your android games stand out in today’s world of online/mobile gaming! At Eligo Creative Services, we combine intuitive and innovative designs with compelling user experience to create Android games that feature out-of- the-box ideas incorporated into a seamless mobile gaming experience that speaks volumes of your business and its goals.

Unleash Your Project

If you are looking to give wings to your dream digital project, we are just a few clicks away to listen to and support your idea. We 
have a Project Planner to help you start your project without wasting any time or efforts.