Why You Should Not Consider a Free Website?

Why You Should Not Consider a Free Website

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Nowadays, you may come across many digital companies claiming to create a free website for you. Rather, most new webmasters begin their first internet projects through free hosting. So, the thought of creating a website without spending a penny is quite tempting for beginners.

While so many free website hosting companies can offer various possibilities, it has many drawbacks at the same time. After all, you get only what you pay for! Not satisfied yet? Well, here are some valid reasons why you should avoid getting a free website.

1. Unprofessional URL

unprofessional url

Your company’s URL or website address is the very first thing that a potential visitor notices. If you are a visitor and you come across two websites – www.xyz.com and www.xyz.oux.com. Which one according to you appears more trustworthy and credible? And which one are you going to click yourself? Your URL/website address is the first thing your visitors notice while entering your website and the one with URL: www.xyz.com, right? It’s because www.xyz.com is a specific domain made for a business website. On the other hand, the other domain is a generic one.

On creating a free website, you get only a generic domain name, www.xyz.oux.com. But it doesn’t look professional. So, there’s no point in getting such a domain that is not likely to be clicked by new visitors. If you want to build a professional website for your business then you should choose  a best Web Development Company in Shimla

2. More Load Time

More Load Time

It’s not right if a website takes longer to load in today’s fast-paced digital age, where time is crucial. On getting a free website, you’re likely to be at risk of ending up with web pages with very slow load time. It is because the hosting services are likely to place your free website with various other websites with a shared server. This also means you’re sharing the same resources and bandwidth. And that increases the load time of web pages.

The slow websites are long gone, so you also should not make your visitors wait for content. After all, a longer load time leads to a poor user experience.

3. Limited Disk Storage and Bandwidth

The free websites come with limited disk storage and bandwidth. This is because there are so many websites on the same server. The bandwidth is the data transferred from the web server to the web browser and vice versa.

If you have high traffic on the website, it may show a warning sign of a bandwidth limit. Even the storage space is restricted when you share the same server with various other websites.

4. Not Really Free

Not Really Free

Initially, it may be free to design a website. But for getting a custom domain or upgrading the storage plan, you may need to pay some amount even for these “free websites.” Then, you’ll realize the free trial for which you signed up earlier is just the basic version with limited space, bandwidth, etc. And, for the premium version, they levy higher charges so that you can enjoy additional services like image hosting, FTP access, etc.

5. Random Advertisements

If you think deeply, you’d realize that these “free websites” are also running a business to make money. Advertisements are their major source of revenue. But the problem is that free websites start showing irrelevant ads to make money through your content.

6. Security Vulnerabilities

Security Vulnerabilities

Being a webmaster, it’s usually your responsibility to protect your website from intrusion and cyber-attacks. In addition to using a strong password to keep your files protected, a professional web host is equally important to safeguard your data.

However, free web hosts don’t offer high protection from cyber attacks. This causes security vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by hackers for accessing the hosting websites. Therefore, you must hire reputed web hosts that offer secure and safe web hosting services for competitive rates.

7. No Automatic Backups

No Automatic Backups

Every reputed web host is known to provide automatic backups to your website. They form a backup of your major HTML files and other databases around the clock and hence, provide you with better safety from any disaster. If anything happens to your website like an editor mistakenly delete some important file or someone tries to cyber-attack, you can be assured that your web host will have an automatic backup copy.

However, this is not the case with free websites, as they don’t have automatic backups. While you can create manual backups, free websites won’t do it automatically for you. And, this is something to worry about.

8. Non-responsive and not Search Engine Friendly

Since free websites are not as responsive as professionally designed websites, it is difficult for webmasters to generate organic traffic. As per Google, search engines often question the trustworthiness of a website with an unprofessional URL, non-responsive design and irrelevant ads. Such websites don’t get a better ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

So, to get a higher website ranking on search engines, paid websites are the best solution.

9. Limited Customer Support

The free websites are also limited to customer support. If the website goes down, you have to figure out everything yourself with no assistance from free web hosts. It means you’ll be on your own in case of any errors or queries.

The free websites are limited to some plugins and services. The free web host providers won’t even let you install WordPress, as their servers cannot run it. Since WordPress is a solid content management system (CMS), it could be a problem if your website cannot run this plugin.

10. Conclusion

Creating a free website may be tempting to you. But such websites won’t meet your expectations. For, a free website cannot bring you the desired traffic as your content may deserve. So, if you want to create a serious website for the long run, you need to go for a paid website with a professional URL and a good domain.

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