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Why search for a web hosting platform when we offer it for an affordable price? Let us manage your website in every way.

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We are known as the leading web hosting company in Shimla. With years of experience, we have catered to an extensive range of client base from different industries.

Being a leading web hosting company in Himachal Pradesh, we provide the best web hosting services to many startups and mid-level companies trying to create their websites while looking forward to reasonable hosting services.

Website Hosting

Our range of web hosting services includes

All these hosting types are upgraded with important features needed for hosting a site to make it successful. The administrators who have their websites on our servers have hardly talked about any disturbance or discomfort that might temporarily stop their websites.

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Our 24/7 web hosting features include

We charge a reasonable cost for high-quality web hosting. Stacked with endless features and backups, our web servers are suitable for different OS with 3x optimized WordPress speed.

  From hosting to managing your website with tons of high-quality features and space, we take care of every aspect. You will even be able to host different kinds of websites, as well as manage MySQL databases, FTP users and Email accounts.

Unlike other web hosting companies, who raise their renewal prices quickly, we offer you the best price with better web hosting and domain renewals guarantee.

 You may get free domain hosting with our Premium and Business website hosting plans. It is the cheapest way of launching a website with every inclusive package. For high SEO rankings and best security rankings, it’s best to go with our business web hosting plan to get a free SSL security certificate for operating e-commerce websites or visitors’ data with no worries related to security.

With our WordPress hosting, you can easily speed up your website without overspending.

Need a trusted web-hosted partner for your website? We offer top-notch services with 100% customer satisfaction.

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Web hosting refers to a service, which allows individuals or companies to post their web page or website on the internet. A web hosting service provider is an entity that offers the necessary services and technologies required for a webpage or website to be viewed online on the World Wide Web.

Virtual hosting allows a company to host several domain names on one server (or a group of servers). Virtual hosting allows many individuals to share the same resources of a single server like processor cycles, memory, etc. without having to use identical host names. The term applies to web servers, as well as other general internet services.

A domain name is a name derived from a series of numbers, letters and hyphens, which can be separated by one or a few periods (.). The period/periods act as numerical IP addresses used to identify unique workstations or related systems across a computer network. The domain name may belong to an entity that is either a private intranet or an address that hosts content available for the masses.

Registering a domain name involves a few steps that need to be followed. Your first step would be to choose a web address and see if it is available. If it is available, you would need to register the same with an accredited registration company or its resellers. As a part of our web hosting and development package, we undertake the responsibility of registering your chosen domain name on your behalf.

There tends to be some confusion over the terms web space and bandwidth/data transfer in the digital world. Web space refers to the server space allotted to a website for file sharing. Bandwidth, however, refers to the amount of data that can be transferred from a server to other locations via the internet.

Eligo Creative Services is committed to offering its clients the best web development and domain hosting services. We strive to ensure that our clients remain satisfied with our services. However, if you do choose to change your host provider, we do offer site migration services for the hassle-free transition of services.

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We offer reliable web hosting services to different startups and mid-level firms looking for stable servers for hosting their business websites.

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