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Game Development

Developing a new game is quite different compared to conventional app development needs. This is because it needs imagination, technology, creativity, and skill together to get the best user experience. Since millions of Smartphone users like to play games on their devices, the demand for new gaming apps is on the rise.

Eligo Creative Services, we are the best game development company in India.  With years of experience in this field, we have expertise in developing some of the most engaging iOS, Windows, and Android game apps.

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Our gaming experts have the potential to create great games for all top mobile operating systems. We start the game development process by getting a clear understanding of features and specifications to create great games. After that, the developers engage in developing the apps using Extreme and SCRUM Programming, taking your game to another level.

We offer all sorts of game apps such as

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With accurate feature-rich game coding, we practice and foster better game development for strengthening our skills and offering you the best gaming solution.

We bring your ideas to virtual reality by creating the exact characters in a particular game. With the support of our expert technical team who specialize in 2D comic-style art, photo-realistic 3D models and animation, we execute many creative ideas to make each game unique and unforgettable.

Our game apps feature

1.  Eye-catching graphics, interesting storyline and amazing backgrounds

2.  Various realistic effects – from metal warping, vibrant remains and smoke effects to create whole particle effects

3. The innovative combination of technology and art to create amazingly polished mainstream gaming apps.

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What are the types/genres of games?

There are many genres of games, with each genre catering to different kinds of games. These include action, adventure, action-adventure, role-playing, simulation, strategy, sports, party, trivia, boardgame, horror, logic, programming, digital collectibles, MMO and so on. Choosing a specific genre of game is important to decide what kind of game you want to develop.

What are the tools and technologies used for game development?

At Eligo Creative Services, we take note of the latest and most efficient gaming tools and technologies to create state-of-the-art games. Some of the tools we use for game development include Construct 2, Unity, GameFroot, Godot Engine, Game Maker: Studio, Stencyl, Sploder, Flowlab, CLickTeam Fusion 2.5, GameSalad, etc.

What is the process involved in game development?

Game development involves different stages, which would be discussed in detail with the client before the actual development. These stages include planning, pre-production, production, testing, pre-launch, launch and post-production. Meticulous attention to detail will be given to each stage to ensure complete client satisfaction, something which we are known for.

What are the best tools and software to develop games for android?

Our team of game developers use the latest and best software and game development tools to develop up to date android games. Some of the technologies we use include Unity, Unreal Engine, Construct 2, Fusion, AppGameKit, Marmalade, Game Maker Studio 2, Corona SDK – The 2D game, Cocoon JS, MonoGame, Cross2D-x, Amazon Lumberyard, Haxe, Gideros, etc.

Java or Unity: Which is a better tool to develop a multiplayer game?

Unlike Java, Unity is not a language. Rather, it serves the purpose of an authoring tool. When compared to Java, Unity is preferred for multiplayer game development, as it provides a more powerful and stable platform for game development. Moreover, it allows developers to utilize a pipeline of existing sounds, shapes, textures and 3D models in their games.

What makes a game stand out?

Considering the number of games that get released every day, it is vital to develop a game that stands out. Some features that need to be included in such a game include short runtime, ability to pause the game, strong story and base characters, easy to learn but hard to master, multilevel stages for growth, catering to local culture, and free games with the options to purchase features/services later on.

What one is the best for mobile cross-platform development among React Nactive, xamarin and fluter?

Flutter, Xamarin and React Native have their advantages when it comes to game development. Xamarin is known for its seamless user experience features while Flutter excels in fast game development. React Native is popular for its widgets. The choice between Flutter, React Native and Xamarin would, therefore, boil down to client specifications.

What is the best cross-platform SDK for the mobile platform?

A software development kit, aka SDK, plays a vital role in the creation of a successful mobile platform. Some of the best cross-platform software development kits available for mobile platforms comprise Xamarin, React Native, PhoneGap, Flutter, Native Script, Ionic, Appcelerator Titanium, Sencha Touch, etc. Each of these tools comes with their advantages for app development.

Do you develop mobile apps for all platforms?

Eligo Creative Services has a dedicated team of app developers who leave no stone unturned to create the best mobile apps for our clients. We do support mobile app development on all major platforms and would also extend our support to newer platforms as per the client’s request.

Can I make one game that would work on all platforms?

Developing a game that works on all major platforms would take some time and effort. At Eligo Creative Services, we take it as our responsibility to create games that can work across multiple platforms seamlessly. We do this by developing our games over a multiplatform engine and/or converting games to run on the desired platform.

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