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Looking for a smooth mobile application to help users navigate your website easily on different OS platforms? We have hands-on experiences in developing cross-platform mobile apps according to our clients’ requirements. 

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iOS Apps Development

Eligo Creative Solutions is one of the best iOS application developers in India. We make amazing iPhone apps for letting clients fully disentangle their concepts or ideas. With our quality mobile apps, you’re guaranteed to achieve your business objectives within a short time.

Our company works with experienced iOS developers to offer you custom iPhone app development solutions. Meanwhile, we help you increase your revenues by attracting more visitors to your iPhone app.

Android App Development

Eligo Creative Solutions offers top-notch android app development services in India. We aim at building state-of-the-art applications for running across platforms on mobiles, laptops, or other devices.

With years of experience in the industry, we have become popular as one of the trustworthy custom mobile app developers in Shimla. Probably, that’s why our clients have full faith in our organization and technical team of talented app developers.

Android App Development

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Eligo Creative Services develops mobile apps in two of the most used mobile platforms, Android and iPhone. We ensure to provide state-of-the-art mobile app development services on both platforms. Our mobile app development team is committed to providing seamless services without any disruption.

The time taken for developing a mobile app can range anywhere between 4 and 8 months. The development time would depend on the structure and complexity of the app. It would also depend on the different stages involved in developing an app, including writing the project brief, designing springs, prototyping, deploying and maintenance.

Mobile app development is a process that involves different stages. Each of these stages would take anywhere between one to a few weeks for completion. These stages include the project brief (2 weeks), research (4 weeks), sprint design (9 weeks), prototype development (12 weeks), app deployment (2 weeks), post-launch maintenance and support (ongoing).

The cost of developing a mobile app would depend on the basic structure of the app, as well as its complexity. Our team of mobile app developers will sit with you and work out the best possible solution depending on your budget and other requirements. Send us a request with your specifications for an estimate.

We ensure to sit with the client at every stage of the mobile development project. This we do to ensure that the client is satisfied with the app as and when it is being developed. It also minimizes the chance for errors on our part and creates more room for a mobile app that satisfies the client’s goals.

You need not have a complete understanding of how you want your mobile app to be. Our team of dedicated mobile app developers will sit with your and build on your idea to create a mobile app that matches your specifications to the “T” and exceeds expectations at all levels.

The team at Eligo Creative Services strives to remain at the top of its game by staying abreast of new mobile app technologies as and when they are launched. Currently, we design mobile apps based on these technologies;

Native app – For specialized platforms

Web app – For websites

Hybrid app – Combined web and native apps on a native app platform

Eligo Creative Services has been providing mobile app development services from 2017. We have employed highly skilled and experienced mobile app developers who have been with us from the start to provide the best of mobile app development services at the most competitive prices in the market.

We support all versions of Android and iOS for mobile apps. Our mobile app development services are streamlined to work seamlessly across multiple versions of these platforms as and when they are launched. This is to ensure that your mobile app remains functional at all times without any hindrances.

Eligo Creative Services implements the latest coding styles and technologies to provide state-of-the-art app development services for clients. Our current technology stack includes languages like Java, JS, Python, PHP, C#, C, C++, HTML and Swift. We also ensure to stay abreast of new technologies to provide more feature-rich services to our clients.

Yes, Eligo Creative Services offers maintenance services for the mobile apps it develops. As part of our mobile app development package, we ensure to remain in touch with the client after the launch of the app and provide post-launch support services regularly.

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