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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Eligo Creative Services is committed to creating websites that are compatible across different browsers, devices and mobiles. This ensures that your website looks the same in any device without any loss of image quality or content. We leave no stone unturned to create the best end-user experience for a website.

Eligo provides both web designing and web hosting services for the best prices in the industry. Our speciality lies in creating unique and highly customized websites, which are cross-device compatible while our value for money web hosting services focus on offering you the best hosting space for your website.

There are chances that a website may experience a problem with availability during times of traffic spikes. However, we ensure that your website is designed in a way that it can handle high levels of traffic at all times. Our core design team focuses on instilling the best practices to make sure your website ranks high in the departments of availability, reliability and stability.

Eligo Creative Services offers provisions for clients to set up an e-commerce platform on an existing site or build an e-commerce platform from scratch. From creating e-commerce templates and customizing the site’s existing template design to adding products/services to the store, setting up payment gateways and shipping methods, we do it all.

Eligo makes sure that each website it designs is optimized for SEO and can be easily listed on search engines, especially Google. We take care of all the necessary steps needed to make your website search engine friendly, including submitting links to Google and other search engines, laying link trails, choosing appropriate keywords, managing meta tags and optimizing websites for mobiles.

Our design team takes great measures to ensure that clients like the final design of their websites. We sit down with you during the pre-development phase to merge our design ideas with your goals to come up with the best possible solution. Our design experts communicate with you through each stage of the design and development phase to ensure the result is exactly what you want.

Eligo Creative Services is a company that specializes in providing highly customized and credible web solutions that help clients realize their digital dreams. We help you expand your horizon by offering you web solutions centred on creativity and accuracy, thus ensuring that your website turns out exactly as you wanted and helps you realize your goals.

A static website is a fixed website, which makes use of HTML code to display the same content for all users. A dynamic website, on the other hand, focuses on user interaction to provide different content based on user specifications. These websites make use of HTML, as well as other advanced programming languages.

You can update your website any time you want. While Eligo Creative Services makes it a point to provide regular website updates on a fortnight basis, we ensure that any important updates that need to be added to the website will be done on an impromptu basis to ensure that the website remains up to date.

Yes, you can. Eligo Creative Services will partner with you to transform your existing website into an e-commerce platform. We will design the e-commerce template based on the existing site’s design, add new products and services to the site, set up secure payment portals and sort out the necessary shipping methods and settings in a way that your website will have an established e-commerce system in no time at all.

It is easy to accept credit cards on a website. All it needs is the integration of a payment gateway to the website. Eligo Creative Services makes this process simple by integrating your website with a secure payment gateway of your choice, thus ensuring secure and reliable online transactions.

Search engines are no longer interested in multiple pages of keyword-rich content. They are more interested in original, relatable content, which appeals to visitors. As such, there is no specific limit to the number of pages you can have on your website as long as each page serves its purpose and does not simply replicate another page.

Yes, we will. In addition to providing website design and hosting services, Eligo Creative Services also offers services aimed at updating and maintaining existing websites. We ensure that your website remains up to date without any interruption in services, and do so irrespective of whether your website is designed by us or not.

Eligo Creative Services offers highly innovative and creative website design solutions to clients. We also specialize in redesigning existing websites. If you have a website that needs redesigning, do not hesitate to come to us. Our team of expert designers will sit with you and work on the website’s redesign phase to provide results well worth your time and money.
Eligo Creative Services transfers the complete access of a website over to the client as soon as the website is launched and operational. We remain in the background, providing necessary support as and when needed by the client concerning services like updates, maintenance, troubleshooting and so on.

Your brand name is the first impression a customer would have of your business. As such, you must choose a brand name that resonates with your business. A brandable domain name is one that should be unique to your business, easy to pronounce, easy to memorize and trustworthy.

A standard website would take anywhere between at least 15 weeks to get launched. The design of the website from start to launch would be divided into different stages, including discovery (3-4 weeks approx.), concept and design on paper (6-7 weeks approx.), initial development (4-5 weeks approx.) and modifications (1-2 weeks).

A customized website that meets your business requirements to the ‘T’ is best achieved when the client meets with the design team to discuss the website design. Working together helps both parties unleash the most creative ideas to create tailor-made solutions, thus translating to highly customized websites for clients.

The cost of a website would depend on client requirements and the level of customization needed. As a best practice, we strive to provide the best possible features and services for a client within the stipulated budget to ensure a win-win situation that satisfies both parties.

After-sales service is an important part of a website design service and shows how much the design company is involved in the interests of its clients. We have added after-sales service as a part of our design package and provide services like regular website maintenance, troubleshooting, support queries, etc.

Eligo Creative Services strives to ensure that the clients do not find any scope for complaints or regrets while working with us. While we do offer you the best of services and wish to serve you forever, we will understand if you choose to change your provider, following which we will initiate the transition without further ado.

The best image formats that can be used for websites include PNG, GIF, JPEG and SVG. These formats enjoy lossless compression that retains the quality of the image across different sized screens. The most preferable text format for a website would be the Tisa. You can also choose other options like Oswald & Abel, Open Sans, Alternate Gothic, Merriweather, Alegreya, etc.

A website needs to have certain components that make it search engine friendly. These include valid coding, CSS-based design, legal SEO practices, relatable content, effective headings and page titles, valid links, etc. We strive to add all or most of these components to the integral design to make your website search engine friendly.

The online presence helps you to establish your brand image and helps in spreading awareness about the various products/services you offer. As a first step to create an online presence, you need to work towards creating a professional website. In addition to creating your website, we also help create your online presence on social media sites.

We have heard complaints about hidden costs related to web design services. We ensure to avoid any such scenario by sitting down with clients and discussing all the terms of the cost before starting the project. Our fee structure is transparent and clients will be delighted to know that the concept of hidden costs does not exist with us.

The need for a database for a website is determined by the nature of the website. You may need a database for your website if:

  1. Its content needs to be changed dramatically daily
  2. It centres on an e-commerce platform
  3. It relies on user-driven content

After the website design and launch, we ensure to stay in touch with you to collect regular updates from your end and add it to the website design. You need not worry about updating the website regularly, as we undertake the work and help you focus more on running your business.

Eligo Creative Services designs websites in a search engine friendly manner.  This makes it easier for search engines to crawl through the pages of the site for relatable content. With Eligo designing your website, you need not worry about SEO and can expect to see your website on search engines without any issues.

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