Importance of Industrial Training for Both Technical and Non-Technical Students

In digital era, IT Training program plays an essential role in shaping skill set among technical and non technical students. IT Skill and development programs server as a gateway to explore vast career opportunities, nurturing growth and proficiency in different area.

Here are some key pointers to simplify how these skills up courses contribute to the overall development of students.

1. Technical Proficiency

• IT Skill Development courses gives you an environment to enhance your technical skills with practical knowledge.

• Get the chance to learn latest trends and cutting edge technologies which helps students to stay updated in this competitive word

2. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

• Real Word projects to simulate authentic challenges, fostering problem-solving skills and critical thinking among technical students.

• Develop Analytical Approach

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3. Digital Literacy for Non- Technical Students

• IT Skill Development courses provide students a digital literacy skill

• Gives a good understanding of cyber security principle that helps to safeguard their digital assets in this fast paced digital world.

4. Cross-disciplinary Collaboration

• IT skill development course not only provide you technical skill but also emphases on soft skill such as communication and teamwork.

5. Adaptability and Lifelong Learning

• Provide dynamic learning environment to thrive deep in rapidly changing IT landscape

• Prepare students for the reality of ongoing professional development In essence, IT skill up course provides a comprehensive platform that empowers students to develop their technical and other personal development skills.

Please allow us 1 Hrs slot for our sessions in this Month Nov 2023, Session will be delivered by 13 years of experience and resources worked in many MNC’s

Desired Audience- Final Years of

• B.Tech (CSC/IT/ECE)


• Final Year Students


***Kindly note all session will be free of cost

You all know well that IT park is being establishing in Shimla Waknaghat, Work is under process many MNCs will came here in coming time . So It would be a great opportunities for Himachal people to work with MNCs in Shimla.


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