Why You Need Mobile Responsive Website for Your Business?

Why you Need Mobile Responsive Website for Your Business in 2021

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Today more than 80% of Internet surfers use a smartphone. And out of those who have smartphones, half of them use them right after they wake up! In other words, mobile interactions aren’t just a part of our everyday lives but they’ve become crucial to how we live, how we think and how we act. We live in a mobile-first world, and companies who want to succeed must have a solid mobile marketing strategy to stay ahead of competitors.

About Mobile Responsiveness Website

A responsive website is designed to adapt to the size of the screen on which it is being displayed. So, what’s the big deal with responsive websites? Visitors to responsive websites get the best viewing experience possible. In short, your website will look great on any screen, including tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktops.

Young people are increasingly using smartphones to buy on the go, and conversion rates are around 64% higher than on a laptop. Furthermore, users now view webpages online on varying screen sizes. As a result, if you want to capitalize on the growing number of mobile visitors, it’s time to make the move to a responsive website for your company.

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Benefits of Mobile Responsive Website.

Here are the major benefits of a mobile responsive website for a business:

1. Latest Google Update – Mobile First Indexing

Google Update

Google’s mobile-first indexing update, due in March 2021, would delete all desktop-only websites, as well as any photos or assets on those sites, from Google’s index.

Because of the widespread use of tablets and smartphones, Google can only index and rate mobile versions of content. However, before we get into some of the best practices for mobile-first indexing, let’s clear up any misunderstandings about the change and what it entails:

  • Mobile-first indexing has been the norm for quite some time. As of July 1, 2019, every new website on the internet or new on Google Search is exclusively indexed using the mobile version of the website.
  • The desktop and mobile-first indexes are the same. There is no new indexing process; rather, Google will index and rate websites based on their mobile versions rather than their desktop versions.
  • You don’t have much of a say in the situation. You cannot opt-out of this upgrade as a website user. Google wants to switch all websites to mobile-first indexing, so all business owners need to be ready for this.

2. Mobile Usage Increasing

A huge proportion of small and mid-size companies do not have mobile-friendly websites, which can surprise you. Hopefully, the Smart Insights statistics below will assist you in comprehending and understanding the importance of creating a mobile-friendly (or responsive) business website:

  • Google searches from smartphones account for more than 30% of all Google searches.
  • Smartphones are used to send and receive 95% of electronic mail while tablets are used to access 15.19%.
  • When given an amazing mobile experience, 65% of internet users have a better perspective of brands, businesses, products and various services.

3. Website Load Faster

website loading speed

People on the go expect websites to load quickly on their smartphones or other devices for getting the details they need. Besides, responsive websites are faster to load on mobile devices than standard websites.

The longer it takes for a page to load, the more likely you are to miss a possible conversion. So, you must look for the best web design agency that specializes in creating responsive websites.

4. Better SEO

better seo

In terms of mobile web design, Google recommends responsive growth. According to Google, responsive websites would rank higher in search results because they have a better user experience than non-responsive pages.

Furthermore, Google prefers responsive sites that use a single URL rather than multiple URLs for various mobile versions of the same website.  Moreover, responsive websites are likely to have better SEO, which further leads to a higher ranking on search engine pages.

5. Enhances Visibility on Search Engine

Mobile-friendly websites are favored by Google’s ranking algorithm. Besides, as compared to mobile sites, responsive sites retain canonical URLs, preventing self-created duplicate content. There are no unwanted redirects with RWD, and exchanging web addresses is a breeze. All of this raises the likelihood of your site being on the first page of Google and other search engines.

6. Higher Conversion Rate & Sales

According to a survey by the International Data Group, mobile searches are used by 75% of B2B owners. Since responsive websites can be accessed on different platforms and have a wider scope, they promise higher conversion rates. Ascertain that your customers can buy from you at any time and from any place.

7. Offers a Competitive Advantage

If the potential of increased revenue and consumer loyalty isn’t enough to sway you, consider the following:

According to McKinsey & Company, around 61% of users are unlikely to come back to a poor mobile site, and 40% of users will instead visit a competitor’s site.

Take a peek at your rivals’ mobile pages or applications now, since chances are they’re just trying to win on mobile. This means you need a mobile responsive website to get a competitive advantage over your rivals.

8. Improve Marketing

Responsive website design will help with digital marketing because, as previously mentioned, Google favors mobile-friendly websites. Since responsive websites have better chances of ranking higher on search engines, it’s indeed a great way to improve your marketing strategy and get a higher visibility, all thanks to a mobile responsive website.

Overall, today no owner can imagine a successful business without a mobile responsive website. We live in a time where everything is wireless, and its use is increasing rapidly all over the world.

Every business owner must acknowledge that mobile technology is the wave of the future and that they must be technologically prepared to face the challenges that will come their way. Contact us

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