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With changing times, technology is being revolutionized constantly to enhance user experience. The Beacons or iBeacons refer to new technology that small gadgets use via Bluetooth Low Energy for easily interacting with smartphones. The latest Beacons technology is the new trend for businesses due to various reasons. However, first, you need to know what this technology is and how it works to understand its benefits to your business.

What is Beacon Technology?

what is beacon technology

Beacon is the term usually used by technology experts to refer to physical transmitters. Beacon is Apple’s technology standard that enables various mobile apps (using both iOS and Android) to listen to various signals transmitted in the physical world. Therefore, iBeacon technology slows down various mobile apps for understanding their existing position on the micro-local sale. Meanwhile, it delivers location-based, hyper-contextual content to all given users.

The beacon device is very simple. Each device includes a radio, CPU and batteries, and further works by broadcasting an identifier repeatedly. This specific identifier is picked by a device, typically, a mobile, and further marks a significant place in the given environment.

Benefits of Beacon Technology for Businesses.

You might be aware of how this technology works in a physical store. However, you must discover what its benefits are for businesses, especially for electronic commerce, if we consider a virtual store. First, we need to understand that this technology bridges the gap between digital and physical stores. It is not required that the user comes into a room to get a notification. He/she can review it later as there’s a virtual site to enter from your office or home. Likewise, beacon technology can be installed in the city to make outdoor promotions more interactive for various users.

This way, one can recognize the following benefits of beacon technology for business:

1. Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

In businesses, beacon technology’s future is bright, as it helps increase productivity while minimizing costs. Using beacons, the office environments can be made smart by enabling automatic initiation, trigger and completion of different tasks without any intervention of humans. For example, the sensors connected to the factory flooring can communicate with monitors while increasing its production efficiency and declining the down-times.

2. Easier Loyalty Campaigns

If you put yourself on the consumer’s side, you’d realize that a custom treatment often draws their attention. This way, consumers will believe that store cares about them and know their tastes. Eventually, they will buy more products from you than your competitors. This shopping experience will help in building customer loyalty towards your brand. Likewise, you can make amazing campaigns as point programmes. It can further be done for encouraging new users for making purchases electronically.

3. Expand Database

One problem that many companies face is the segmentation of consumers. With various beacons, the businesses will have higher information for easily organizing various details and profiles of clients as per their requirements and preferences. Of course, it will be a handy tool to be used for consumer benefit while expanding the company’s database.Enhanced Customer Experience

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

With advanced Beacon technology, companies would be able to offer a highly fulfilling and enriching experience to customers. Plus, the businesses can pull consumers by offering more products that are contextualized and personalized for customer gratification.

The beacons not just offer more personalized connections but even leverage data influx for getting advantages. This could give them highly valuable insights into consumer buying habits and their preferences. Using this information, businesses can create a unique user experience for every customer.

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5. Security Tracking

Beacons also help in providing security to any expensive equipment, as well as effectively ensure asset tracking. By attaching beacons to some important equipment in museums, hospitals and warehouses, the attached equipment could send notification alters to receivers in real-time. Therefore, it becomes much simpler to track the location of various priceless things to which the sensor-based beacons are attached.

6. Interactive In-store Experience

Being a customer, it could be overwhelming to walk into large stores and choose the desired products out of a vast stock kept in long aisles and multiple floors. Many times, customers find it difficult to locate and find certain items that they want to purchase. However, beacon technology could change everything. It can further help consumers search for the perfect product quickly while offering consumers more customized preferences as they walk into the aisles.

Get Personalized Beacon Solutions

You can look for the best Web Development Company in India to offer you top-notch software development and IT services, along with appropriate Beacon solutions. By leveraging the latest technology systems, companies offer various updated solutions to businesses. The professional web developers have a team that handles various business issues in different niches. Hence, businesses can enjoy excellently and tailored software business solutions at cost-effective prices.

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