What’s So Trendy About Game Development?

Game Development

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The rapid advancement of technology over the past few years has forced game developers to adopt the latest trends to make a significant mark in the game development sector. With the increasing demand for a better gaming experience, many famous IT companies have started working on offering the best Game Development Services to customers.

If you’re an avid game player, you might be aware of how the IT industry is quickly moving towards the latest game app development techniques. This craze has gone to a level where there’s no looking back. Plus, platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are also developing advanced and engaging mobile games for entertainment.

Witnessing the ongoing trends in this industry, it is obvious that upcoming game development trends in 2020 won’t slow down. Here are the crazy game development trends that you’ll see in the future.

Trends About Game Development:

1. Cloud Gaming

cloud gaming

Due to the rise of cloud computing, AAA gaming engines like Lumberyard are being designed to make the editing process simple. Users even don’t have to install new updates now or then with this technology advancement. Due to this factor, cloud gaming has become more attractive to consumers. Furthermore, collaborative gaming and various social media platforms increase the popularity of the games that will be developed for the cloud in the coming years.

2. VR & AR


All thanks to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), users are likely to enjoy a realistic gaming experience. Both VR and AR have grown extensively and are being loved by the game lovers. People are demanding more games in AR and VR format. This will result in endless game development opportunities for developers.

Moreover, this technology provides real-world experience to users in a virtual world. That’s why it has become the most popular technology to give you a feel of modernity. AR developers are skilled to smartly imply this latest technology to a specific platform to offer real-world experience to users in virtuality.

3. Multiplayer Feature

Nowadays, more players like to play with their known friends or acquaintances. This has enabled users to enjoy the experience of playing with their friends, family or colleagues. However, adding this feature to the game is quite complicated for game developers, as it needs to be developed as per the functionality of multiple players in mind. This further helps players to engage with the whole community of gamers near them while opening more opportunities to enjoy interactive gaming sessions.

4. Rise of Mobile Gaming

mobile gaming

With games like PUBG and Fortnite, there has been a great rise in the popularity of mobile gaming. This has opened up many mobile gaming development opportunities for futuristic game developers. Instead of heavy hand-held consoles, now mobiles have become a major contributor to enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.

5. Upcoming 5G Effect

In 2020, 5G internet is likely to bring a revolutionary change to the cloud gaming world. With high-speed internet, game developers will get more ways to experiment with high-definition and premium-quality graphics to make internet gaming smoother and more enjoyable.


The game development services sector is quickly moving towards interactive, faster and smoother gaming experience. This means both mega gaming studios and freelance game developers are likely to work on multiple new technologies to come up with revolutionary games in the future. Considering all these advanced techniques, we can say they the future of game development will be more hyper-realistic, high-tech, high-speed and collaborative.



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