How to Improve Website’s Performance with CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter framework

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CodeIgniter framework is majorly used for developing amazing web solutions with various inbuilt features and high-end security. That’s why CodeIgniter Development Services are in high demand by many PHP developers.

But to boost the performance of your website, you must be aware of certain tips and tricks of CodeIgniter Framework while developing a web solution. So, without further ado, let’s enlighten you about the effective tips that help in improving your website performance with the CodeIgniter Framework:

Improve Performance with CodeIgniter Framework:

1. Reduce Server Response Time

Server response time is the time required by a server to respond to a web browser’s request. With good CodeIgniter optimization, one can achieve a good server response time. The best web hosting service that makes use of fewer server resources can help you reduce the server response time while improving the overall website performance with advanced CodeIgniter Development Services.

2. Eliminate Unwanted Libraries

You should eliminate all unwanted libraries that could be consuming your extra server space. But you must be careful while removing the libraries, as these must not be used anywhere else. The developers must delete only the unused libraries when moving to a host server.

3. Remove index.php from Website’s URL

When using CodeIgniter, index.php is added to the URL by default. But for optimized search engine results, the index/PHP must be removed from the website URL. Otherwise, it may hinder your website visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

4. Store Configurations in the Config Directory

Make a separate file for storing all the configuration options rather than adding difference configuration values for every function. It will help you improve website performance. It might seem time-consuming at first but, eventually, save your time.

5. Careful use of Autoload

It is best to use Autoload to automatically loading resources like helpers, libraries, etc. Meanwhile, one must be careful of overusing it otherwise this could also slow down the performance of a website. Therefore, use it carefully and wisely.

6. Move Application Directory out of the System Folder

By moving the application directory out of the system folder, there is no need to search for the system directory all the time while accessing a model or controller. So, it’s best to move the application directory to some other folder for convenience. You may even put both application directory and system directory in a folder so that you don’t have to make any changes in future.

7. Make use of Loops Carefully

Sometimes developers use loops to enhance the development process of a website. But one slow operation in a loop can lead to a bigger problem. Therefore, you have to be careful while using loops, as a small problem could lead to major trouble. Therefore, it’s best to use expensive loops for avoiding time wastage and solve bulky errors while improving website performance.


Using the above-mentioned CodeIgniter tips, one can easily improve a website’s performance exponentially. Besides, the developer’s knowledge and expertise help achieve the ultimate results in a genuine web solution.

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