Top Web Development Company in India- FAQ – Eligocs

Top Web Development Company in India- FAQ - Eligocs

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FAQ about web development services

  1. I own a small business. Do I need custom web application development services?

Yes, custom software is essential for small businesses. It can make your online business easy to scale and more efficient. Moreover, the software gives an additional layer of security to the overall business experience. Hence, your business can grow efficiently and also help in website development services.


  1. How to find a web development services company?

Here are some factors to consider when looking for a web design and development company:

  • Your budget
  • Scope of your project
  • Your requirements
  • Company’s experience
  • Check out their portfolio
  • Ask for referrals and consider all the options
  • Do a thorough background check on a company


   3. I need professional web development services, no less. How can I find a reliable company with sufficient experience?

It is best to check out the online reviews on a company you have shortlisted for web development services. You may even check out their website to find out about their precious work for other clients. You may even check their client testimonials to know how they work. If you find the reviews are good, it is best to consult them and plan a visit in person. Do ask them questions about their work and prices for their services. The experts are not hesitant to share details about their previous work. Plus, they are quite transparent about the charges for the services they provide.


    4. Web software development services often include progressive web apps. What are those?

Progressive web apps (PWA) are websites that resemble an application that you use on a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop. PWAs are generally created to leverage native mobile device features without any need for an end user to visit an app store, buy the app, and down it manually.


  1. Why web service development in Java is popular?

Java is an ideal platform for developing various types of large web applications. It is because it works and communicates well with a various number of systems. Services like database connectivity, peer-web services, and back-end services are all easy to access through Java web service development. That’s what makes it so popular in web development services. Besides web designing and development, we are known as the best eCommerce development company. Even most of the eCommerce websites also run on Java.


  1. Can I have a look at my website while it is in progress?

Yes, you can look at your website when it is in progress. Our web developers share the appropriate link with you from time to time to check the progress. If there are any changes that you want, you can give immediate feedback. So, our web developers can work as per your requirements.


  1. As your company has flexible pricing, do you outsource your work?

Well, mostly we have in-house web developers, graphic designers, app developers, and content creators. This makes us work smoothly as a team without any delays or confusion. While we do outsource some of our work but it does not hamper or delay our client projects in any form.


  1. Do you also provide web design and hosting services?

Yes, we do offer web design and hosting services to our clients. Web designing is the process of creating and planning a perfect website design for your online business. On the other hand, web hosting service enables individuals and organizations to post a web page or website on the Internet. Being a reliable web hosting service provider, we have advanced technologies required for websites to be visible on the Internet.


  1. After the launch of the custom website, do you help in marketing?

Yes, we do have a professional digital and social marketing team to handle promotions for clients’ websites. If you require marketing service after the website launch, you can consult our experts on this additional service. And, we’d be happy to serve you.


  1. What makes your company different from the rest?

We follow a customer-centric approach to ensure they get satisfactory results. This is what makes us stand out from the competitors. Our clients love our approach of closely working with them on their online business projects. Hence, they bestow their trust on us. We make sure to live up to the expectations of our clients by offering them top-notch web designing company services.


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