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Ruby on Rails

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Ruby is an open-source, object-oriented website programming language, which supports the Rails web development framework. A powerful website programming language, Ruby has many perks that set it apart from other languages like HTML and PHP. Let’s have a closer look at some of the basic facts about Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails

1. What exactly is Ruby on Rails?

While the term coins together two separate terms, they are intertwined in functionality. Rails is a framework for web development, which allows users to write codes easily and quickly. The framework contains code libraries offering developers easy to search and use solutions for otherwise repetitive, time-consuming design tasks like tables, menus, forms, etc. This, in turn, allows users to simply refer to the Rails framework to search and find codes for basic functions, which they can simply use in their websites. While Rails acts as a framework for these codes, it is built upon the Ruby programming language.

2. Advantages of Ruby on Rails

One of the main advantages of Ruby on Rails is that it reduces the time taken to re-code repetitive tasks. The use of Rails frameworks to search and use codes for common website tasks and functions makes the overall design less cluttered and a lot cleaner. It also eliminates the possibility of bugs resulting from ineffective or bad coding. The use of readymade codes also makes it easier to troubleshoot in the event of problems arising while coding.

Rails also follows certain best-practice methods, which allow users to work from established Rails conventions. This eliminates the need to provide rationale or instructions for coding decisions within the program. Added to all this is the fact that Ruby on Rails is an open-source platform, thereby being free for anybody to use and contribute to.

3. How is Ruby on Rails different from other languages?

Another burning question a newcomer would have when using Ruby on Rails is why someone would want to use the Rails framework when he/she can use other options like HTML, JSS, CSS, etc.

What sets Ruby apart from these languages is that Ruby is object-oriented. While other programs focus on asking the computer to execute tasks, Ruby focuses on building virtual objects within the code. These virtual objects perform specific tasks and can interact with each other to build a systematic framework, thus making the development less complex and more efficient.

Unlike HTML, JS, CSS, etc, which support the front end development of websites, Ruby on Rails focuses more on the backend development of a website related to requesting and/or fetching data from the databases, as well as displaying the data containing JSS, HTML and CSS content.

4. How hard is it to learn Ruby on Rails?

Rails is the web development framework built on Ruby. As such, to use Rails, one would need to learn the basic concepts and programming syntax of Ruby. This can be done via free online Ruby on Rail tutorials, paid online classes, Rails workshops, meet-ups, etc.

Ruby on Rails works in the background as a powerful website development tool. As a user-friendly web development framework, it a great tool to work with for beginners who are new to the world of website development. Contact Eligocs

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