Is Your Website Voice-Search Friendly?

voice search friendly website

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Since most people nowadays use voice search to look for specific products or query on Google or other search engines, having a voice-search friendly website has become very important. This is because it’s the future of web search and can help you draw higher traffic to your website in the long run.

Follow the given tips to make it more adaptable to the future of web search:

1. Use Long-Tail Keywords and Phrases

Gone are the days when you used only three or four-word keywords for good SEO strategy. Today, the focus has shifted from short keywords to long phrases or long-tail keywords. This is because voice searches require more natural use of language than specific keywords. The way we speak to digital assistants is different than how we enter text in Google search. Therefore, using long-tail keywords for voice-search friendly websites has become important today.

2. Optimize Local SEO

The voice search is three times more likely to be local in nature. Keeping this in mind, business owners must focus on creating contact information and profiles updated based on local searches. This is because users are more likely to put queries like “where to find the best coffee in New Delhi.”

So, for a coffee shop owner, it’s important to include their cafe’s precise location, as well as optimize their website content based on local SEO-based keywords like “best coffee” or “best espresso in New Delhi.”

3. Focus on Specific Questions Being Asked in a Conversational Manner

Voice searches use the whole sentence; however, these are quite specific in nature. People won’t ramble while asking anything to a digital assistant because a specific question will lead to an accurate answer.

For instance, if you ask “Find an Indian restaurant near me,” with user location, you’re likely to get precise results. Therefore, the business owner must optimize their websites for intuitive yet specific queries to gain the attention of larger audiences. This can be achieved by creating a detailed FAQ page using specific long-tail keywords or conversational queries. It would require you to search for the type of questions your target customers are most likely to pose on digital assistants.

You must figure out the type of questions your target customers may put on digital searches to make the most of voice-search optimization. This will also help you in creating relevant content that offers specific answers to the customers’ queries. contact us

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