An Introduction to MERN Stack, Components and Advantages

MERN Stack

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A technology stack refers to the framework of technology services that are used to build, run and maintain a single application. Also called as technology infrastructure, solutions stack or data ecosystem, a technology stack comprises of all the languages and coding frameworks that make up a successful web application.

Let us take Facebook for example. Facebook as an application makes use of a combination of programming languages and frameworks like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS and PHP. Thus, Facebook’s technology stack refers to these languages that make up the application.

Introduction to MERN Stack

Introduction to MERN Stack

There are many technology stacks used for web and application development. One of these tech stacks is called the MERN stack. Built on four primary software components, MongoDB, Express JS, React JS and Node JS, the MERN tech stack is a comprehensive web development framework used by developers to create high-quality websites and applications.

Components of MERN Stack

The four main components of the MERN stack are as follows:

  • Mongo DB: The database component of the MERN stack, this document-oriented language is used to store, as well as retrieve, application data.
  • Express JS: The backend component of the MERN stack, this features a framework built over NodeJS, which makes use of NodeJS structures and functions to create the backend framework for websites and applications.
  • React JS: The library component of the MERN stack, which is used to create UI components for the development of a user interface on a web page.
  • NodeJS: The Java script runtime component of the MERN stack, which is used to run JS commands on a machine, as opposed to running them on a browser.

Advantages of MERN Stack

 MERN Stack

  • Single Source Code: One of the main benefits of the MERN stack is that it utilizes a single language for both the server and client-side codes, frameworks and structures. Every single line of code in the MERN stack is written using Java script. This makes the stack easy to learn and master.
  • Absence of Context Switching: With technology stack using multiple languages; it becomes necessary to resort to context switching across multiple tiers. However, since the only language used in the MERN stack is Java script, context switching is no longer considered a necessity. It also becomes easier to interface multiple layers of code with just one language in use.
  • Excellent UI: React JS stands above AngularJS when it comes to offering the best UI rendering, as well as UI performance. The extensive library of UI tools that it is, React JS allows programmers to build application easily by organizing code the way they want. This quickens the development speed while improving UI performance and rendering considerably.
  • Enhanced Database Functions: The addition of MongoDB to the MERN stack means a powerful database that offers higher scalability and speed. When combined with server-side and client-side Java script code, MongoDB and the MERN stack, as a whole, contribute to the creation of highly efficient websites and web applications.

Prerequisites for a MERN Stack Developer

If you want to become a MERN stack developer, here are some of the prerequisites you would require:

  • Extensive programming knowledge in Java script, as well as basic knowledge of other programming languages, such as HTML and CSS.
  • Working knowledge of building web applications, including workflow, framework and architecture.
  • Working knowledge of frameworks and components related to React JS.
  • Working knowledge of MongoDB and Express JS.
  • Basic understanding of the client and server-side processes.
  • Basic understanding of motion UI. Contact us

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