10 Advanced Social Media Marketing Tips for Business Growth

Social Media Marketing

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Social media has become a vital marketing tool for small and big businesses alike, thanks to the increasing numbers of social media users who use social media platforms daily. If you want to grow your business and your website’s traffic then it is important for you to use and select Social Media Marketing Services very wisely. As such, every business owner would need to follow these tips to use social media to their advantage in acquiring new leads and customers.

Here Some Social Media Marketing Tips for Business Growth

1. Understand why and how the Business would need Social Media

Before jumping on the social media bandwagon, it pays to note down why and how a business would need a social media marketing campaign. Some of the benefits of social media marketing include building brand awareness and reputation, creating a target audience, growing business network, reaching a larger audience, driving more ROI traffic to the website and so on.

As such, one would need to first identify which one of these benefits would translate as the business’s social media marketing goals before developing a strategy around it. This, in turn, helps create an effective social media marketing strategy with an efficient ROI.

2. Understand the mind of the target Audience

While it is important to identify the target audience, it is equally important to understand the buyer persona and create a social media marketing plan around it. A buyer persona can be best understood by focusing on pertinent factors like identifying buyer priorities, analyzing problems, understanding buyer objections, understanding the general buying process, discovering buyer information channels, etc.

3. Identify the best Social Media platforms

There are many social media platforms out there with each of them catering to anywhere between thousands to millions of users. Businesses would, therefore, need to choose the more popular social media platforms for their marketing investments, especially if they are working with limited resources. Accordingly, some of the more popular social media platforms for businesses include Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

4. Identify the best Social Media management tools

Social media management tools help businesses build and maintain an active online presence by automating tasks like sharing content, publishing posts, searching for leads, engaging target audience, etc. A business would benefit tremendously from these tools, which make the entire social media marketing easier. Some of the more popular social media management tools in the market include Sprout, e-Clincher, SmarterQueue, Loomly, MeetEdgar, Agorapulse, Sendible, Social Report, etc.

5. Grow networks and contacts

Relationships are important for a business in the online world. A successful social media marketing campaign would, therefore, also include connecting with people and companies from the same or related fields. These relationships would act as influencers in the online world and provide more exposure to the business.

6. Concentrate on Mobile-First

Since almost 80% of consumers access social media platforms on their mobile phones, businesses should work towards making their social media marketing strategies accessible via mobile phones. This works by drafting campaigns and testing their efficacy across multiple devices before implementing them.

7. Be active on Social Media platforms

Businesses should be ready to cater to their customer’s queries regularly. Maintaining an active social media profile is important in this case, as this keeps the business connected with their customers and share information with them on a real-time basis.

8. Keep customers engaged

In addition to using social media platforms to connect with customers, businesses should focus on keeping their customers engaged. This can be done by publishing posts, adverts, visuals and other related information to attract more customers.

9. Collect Data from Social Media accounts

Businesses would need to use their social media profiles to collect pertinent user data like customer expectation, priorities, interests, etc. This data would help businesses plan and market more effective social media campaigns, with more importance given to customer preferences.

10. Act on collected data

Collecting user data is the first step in creating more efficient social media marketing strategies. Businesses should act on the collected data to address areas that do not interest customers while emulating the areas, which seem to pique the interest of users. This will help businesses create more successful social media marketing services.

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