What is Docker? Everything you need to know about Docker


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Today, software companies encourage their developers to offer amazing customer experiences with instant updates. Docker is one essential tool for doing so. Wondering what a Docker is and what are its benefits? Continue reading to know more.

What is Docker?

Docker is an open-source platform with a set of integrated solutions and technologies for sharing, running and creating container-based apps. This tool is integrated for making it faster and simpler for creating and deploying applications with the help of various containers. This way a perfect virtualized environment can be created with all dependencies, codes and libraries for code running.

However, it is not like a virtual machine. Each container includes its own memory, CPU and network interfaces. But these containers won’t depend on a particular operating system. This platform can run multiple containers at the same time while sharing the OS kernel with more containers. Plus, it also contains little space compared to VMs (Virtual Machines) and can even handle various other applications. Furthermore, Kubernetes is also plays an important part for Docker.

Kubernetes is an open-source, portable and extendable platform to manage containerized services, as well as workloads for facilitating automation and declarative arrangement.

To know more about Kubernetes you can go through this link:-What Is Kubernetes?

Benefits of Docker Containers.

The Docker contains are famous for having the beat of Virtual machines. VMs contain replicas of necessary binaries, operating system, libraries and the application. Hence, it can take to tens of GBs without any issue. Unlike VMs that get slow to boot, the Docker containers have less space. This means it can easily handle more applications and use lesser operating systems and VMs. That’s why these are more tenable and flexible.

Another notable advantage of the Docker container is its ability to keep the apps isolated from each other, as well as the underlying system. That’s how you can easily figure out how allocated containerized units can use system resources like their network, GPU and CPU. Moreover, it can ensure that code and data remain separate from one another.

Important Things to Know About Docker:

Here are some important things that you need to know about Docker:

1. It is a Container Management Tool

Container Management Tool

This is an open-source tool for managing and deploying containers. This system has also been created for executing different services or applications as isolated containers. The engine of a docker rests atop its host operating system, whereas its containers share hardware and host machine kernel with almost the same overhead of different processes launched on the host machine. It even enables you to automate the deployment process of different applications into its container environment.

2. Docker Makes Use of Layers File System

Docker offers a deployment model based on its images that further enable you to share an application or service within different environments. Every image file has been layered in this system. And, every time you make any changes, a new level is formed. If you have worked on Photoshop, you might already be familiar with the concept of layering files. Furthermore, you can control versions of the image and rapidly go up to its previous version.

3. Docker is not a Hardware Virtualization System

Many people thought that Docker works like a hypervisor of VMs like KVM, Virtual box and VMware. Even when there are some points common with hypervisors, Docker works on a different approach.

The virtual machines mimic the hardware and need abstractions for operation. This means one can run only a few virtual machines on its hardware before seeing some problems with it. But this is not the case with the Docker system. Besides, it runs various containers on the same machine without such issues.

4. Docker is Time Saving

Docker system enables you to save your time on its setup, which is very expensive and long in certain cases. All thanks to its deployment automation process, the Docker system can easily cut off your entire day’s work into just a few minutes.

5. Docker is Money Saving

Besides saving your time, Docker also reduces cost by cutting down staff and the expense of infrastructure. With docker containers, disk and unused memory can easily be shared with different instances. So, various services can be used on the same hardware and you can remove them when not required without stressing about the price of bringing them again.

6. Docker is a Multiplatform

Built to manage various Linux containers, docker can be used for handling different operating systems by using specific solutions.

7. Docker Comes With a Large Ecosystem of Present Images

Around two years ago, over 14,000 docker images already existed online. Most of these images are shared via Docker Hub, which is a reference platform for anyone working with docker public images.


Docker platform is essential for various cloud applications. It can be used for deploying private Kubernetes cluster, use AWS in DevOps, etc. That’s why using Docker is the best for a behaviour-based development network. So, don’t wait any further. Just learn it now to develop new software!  Contact Eligocs

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