Web Development Trends that will Gain Traction in 2020

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As web development comes of age, some existing trends gain traction and some decline while completely new ones emerge from nowhere. Ramming up your head against changing trends never pays. Instead, embracing them helps you to stay competitive in an evolving world.

With 2019 just about to give way to 2020, it’s the right time to discuss some emerging trends that’ll shape web development and redefine user experience. As the Best Web Development Company in India, we keep a tab on these trends and incorporate them to deliver futuristic web solutions. Here’s the list of some Web Development trends that’ll gain traction in 2020.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Post a short yet eventful evolution history, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has finally arrived and how. Now, web developers increasingly count on AI to identify buyers based on their purchasing behavior, analyze user emotions, and optimize voice search, and copyright intellectual property across social platforms. And that’s just to name a few. Still unconvinced? Just look at the stats.

  • The industry will be worth 50 Billion dollars in 2020, and slated to grow at CAGR 30%.
  • For every 3 of 4 companies, AI raises sale of a new product/service by 10%.
  • The operational efficiency escalates by over 10% for 75% businesses employing AI.
  • AI helps create new insights and in-depth analysis for about 80% businesses.

2. Progressive Web Apps

A few years on, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) has been the interest zone for web developers. Come 2020, PWA will be mainstreamed. The PWAs are essentially web pages disguised as a portable app. These web pages mimic apps in terms of user experience, low loading times, functionality, reliability, ability to work without internet, and support message pop-ups.

For Forbes, PWA ensured:

  • 3X better scroll depth
  • Over 100% more reader engagement
  • 43% better sessions per reader
  • 6X boost in readers completing articles

3. Internet of Things

Internet of Things has been there for a while, changing the way we interact with people and devices. In 2020, the IOT revolution will just strengthen. The web developers are increasingly using IOT integration for seamless device communication and data analysis in real time.

  • In 2020, about 31 billion internet connected devices will surround us.
  • The industry will rake in around 100 billion dollar in revenue in the coming year.
  • 80% businesses that integrated IoT with web development speak of positive results.

4. Design Trends

A host of completely new or existing web design trends are expected to rule the roost in 2020.

  • With smartphone sales rising, developers are more mindful of responsive designs.
  • Single Page Apps that rewrite the entire page based on user interaction will grow.
  • Motion design will stay significant, offering easier and quicker search experience.

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