Tips to Optimize Laravel Website or App for Fast Performance

Tips to optimize Laravel website

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Laravel is a useful PHP development platform for business websites – from simple web applications to complex APIs. This platform offers amazing architecture and a set of libraries for building well-structured codes on different websites.

However, to create multiple websites, a Laravel developer must be aware of how to improve its performance and power of the framework by tweaking certain codes. It is the best PHP Framework to look out for in 2020. If you’re wondering how to optimize a Laravel website for fast performance,

Some easy ways and tips to optimize a Laravel website or app without complicating things:

Review Libraries

A Laravel framework includes a large number of libraries in applications. While libraries ease coding, as well as customization, they may slow down the performance of the website. Therefore, it’s important to review libraries and limit them as much as possible.

If a Laravel developer feels that the app can be developed without the library, then it’s best to eliminate it from config/app.php while speeding up the performance of a Laravel web app.

Use Artisan Code Command

The performance of the Laravel-based website can be enhanced using the Artisan Code command. It is helpful when a developer is about to create configurations and routes.

This command is set up as follows:

php artisan config: cache

php artisan root: cache

php artisan optimize — force

The cache helps in loading cache rather than a read object, which further makes Laravel work speedily. After configuring route files, make sure to re-run the Artisan command to let Laravel handle all the changes.

Once that’s done, it’s time to cache user data, settings, locations, etc. to limit the number of SQL queries.

Set Queries to Eager Loading

Laravel makes use of Eloquent ORM to easily map out all the object models on database tables. With some simple files, one can easily map out the object structure and after that Eloquent manages the entire database interactions like CRUD (create, retrieve, update and delete operations).

But this also has a downside to it. The disadvantage is that while handling the database interactions, Eloquent approaches lazy loading. This is because Eloquent cannot retrieve data until it’s mentioned somewhere within a code.

During the process, it may seem normal to generate more queries but it increases your data that further reduces the performance. So, it’s best to set queries to “Eager Loading” to ensure that associated object models are retrieved during a call of any query.

Run the given code to convert the lazy loaded query to an eager loaded query:

$cars = App\Flat::all();

foreach ($flats as $flat)

{echo $flat->owner->name;}

Run the following code to reduce the entire process of operation in just two queries:

$flats = App\Flat::with(‘owner’)->get();

foreach ($flats as $flat)

{echo $flat->owner->name;}

Use Less Plugins

Laravel also has a vast number of plugins to let users add more features to their web applications. But increased features also increase files and libraries, which further makes the app loading slower.

To avoid this issue, you may find out the providers you’re loading through a config/app.php file. After that, you must remove the unnecessary files. Laravel also utilizes the composer to manage different components. So, if you cut down a composer.json file, it can eliminate your loading dependencies.

Utilize JIT Compiler

It is complicated to compile PHP to bytecode. That’s the reason the Zend engine executes C routines while interpreting your PHO files. But this makes the loading process slower.

Whenever the server runs a PHP file, it’s converted to tokens by AST parser to interpret it. This compilation is done every single time; however, the results are similar.

But to make your Laravel web app work faster, this compilation must be done once. For this, JIT Compiler must be used to make the process simpler and enable a website or application to work faster.


Optimization of the Laravel website or application is crucial for all online businesses. By implementing the aforementioned tips, your Laravel developer can easily maintain and create websites that are faster, secure and reliable to your business. Contact Eligocs

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