10 Mind-blowing Tips to Make App Development Successful

10 Mind-blowing tips to make your App Development Successful

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E-commerce has changed the way we shop forever. In addition to providing customers with the comfort and convenience of shopping for whatever they want online, it has also allowed retailers to connect better with their customers via mobile applications. The success of an e-commerce retailer, however, relies on one important factor, e-commerce app, which if developed properly will provide rich dividends.  The importance of mobile application development or App Development is increasing day by day. Accordingly, here are 10 vital tips one needs to keep in mind when developing a mobile app for any purpose.

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Tips to make your App Development Successful

1. Create a great UI

The user interface is the first impression a customer has of a mobile app and the brand it wishes to promote. The UI gives users a first-hand insight into how their experience is going to be with the app. As such, it needs to be an attention grabber to start with.

The key here is to keep in mind the use of these apps on Smartphones. With limited screen space, it is imperative that each button, picture, menu or content added to the app well organized and uncluttered, thus providing a pleasing UI for visitors to browse with.

2. Speed Uploading

Any delay in the app opening on the phone would lead to the customer moving away. The average attention span of the mobile user is 4-5 seconds. Hence, the app needs to be designed in a way that every element in it loads within 5 seconds of being clicked.

3. Choose minimum step Navigation

Screen space is a constraint when showing large menus and submenus on a mobile app. The best option here is to simplify the menu and list the most relevant categories and sub-categories for different pages. Simple menu names also make it easier for customers to browse through without feeling exasperated.

4. Simplify Login

Touchscreens are hard to work with when inputting user data. As such, it is vital to ensure that the login and sign up processes are made as simple as possible. Attention must be given to social media login rather than manual sign-ins, thus making it easier for customers to sign in to the app.

5. Keep a Cart

A cart is an essential part of any e-commerce website, should you build one. Hence, it needs to be kept in a place, which is easy to view and access. It should be streamlined to add products without changing the page to minimize steps and improve the shopping experience.

6. Remember the Wish List/Favorite Feature

Provisions should be made for customers to save certain products/services for later viewing. This is where the favorite/wish list feature comes in. It allows users to add certain products/services to a list, which they can view and choose from in future. A wish/favorite list would enhance the customer’s overall site experience.

7. Prioritize Security

Many apps have become prey to internet attackers and hackers. Therefore, it is imperative to integrate security as the central component of any app. Customers are more inclined to visit an app and share information if they know the app is secure and can protect their information.

8. Set up a progress Bar

An app which requires users to fill in the information in multiple steps or incorporates longer processes can benefit from a progress bar. Showing the user how much of the process is completed and how much is left, a progress bar can help keep the user hooked to the app without ruining their patience.

9. Incorporate AR and VR

Considering the popularity of apps that use AR and VR, a mobile app can benefit from these technologies. When used correctly, AR and VR can help customers interact with their surroundings more realistically.

10. Use Smartphone Creative Features

A good mobile app will use creative features employed in many Smartphones. From shaking the phone to display new deals to using the phone sensors to show notifications, there is no limit to the way a mobile app can use the creative features used in Smartphones.

These are some of the tips one needs to keep in mind when designing a mobile Web Application Development. These tips will surely increase the app’s popularity among users and help it stand apart from similar apps.

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