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Elementor is an advanced WordPress page builder, which has been gaining a lot of rave reviews from users. With a slew of unique features, it is a must-try for users wishing to create professional websites easily and quickly.

Ever since its launch, Elementor Page Builder has received quite a lot of praise from the WordPress community. That said and done, not a lot of web developers are aware of the existence of such an advanced page builder solution, let alone the fact that it is free. If you are new to Elementor as well, here are some quick facts that would help you understand the page builder better.

1. What is WordPress’s Elementor?

Elementor is a free WordPress page builder, which allows users to create visually stunning WordPress websites quickly and easily. The main difference between Elementor and other page builders is that Elementor allows users to reach a very complex level of web design without moving to and fro between the frontend and backend view. In other words, it lets users design their websites live on the frontend.

2. Working Principle of Elementor

So how does Elementor work? As a page builder, Elementor replaces your traditional WordPress editor with a frontend, live editor. This allows users to create layouts and designs for your website on a real-time basis without the need to toggle between the editor and preview modes repeatedly. In addition to this, the rich features that come with the page builder allow users to create high-quality websites on their own without relying on CSS or codes and without the help of web developers.

3. Salient Features of Elementor

  • Elementor is the only page builder that offers limitless page design features for users. Most of these features are available with the free plug-in, including a visually striking pre-designed template library, a history feature, a toolset dedicated for mobile editing and dozens of widgets for app creation.
  • Elementor has a very user- friendly interface. It takes only a few minutes for a novice to understand the various elements and features on the page builder. Built with the most up to date technology, Elementor receives regular updates from its creators. This allows the builder to be very responsive, with the widgets optimized for instant function without lag time.
  • Elementor can be used with any existing WordPress theme. Users can choose from a template of rich themes to create stunning themes in no time at all.
  • Elementor is also designed to work with SEO plug-ins like Yoast without any prior setup. Yoast reads the content widgets from the editor automatically, meaning users are well covered when it comes to designing websites cantered on SEO optimization.
  • Elementor also happens to be an open-source page builder. This allows users to extend the page builder with extensions and add-ons. The Elementor API also includes detailed explanations on how to extend Elementor with add-ons/extensions.
  • Elementor is available in two variants, the core plug-in and Elementor Pro. While Elementor’s core plug-in is available free of cost, Elementor Pro, which has been designed especially for professional web designers and companies, is available for a starting price of $49 per year (1 site), $99 per year (3 sites) and $199 per year (unlimited sites). Elementor Pro comes with some additional features like portfolio widgets, live visual form design, custom CSS, global widgets and flexible posts.

4. Installation Procedure

  • Elementor can be easily installed from the WordPress dashboard. The steps include:
    Clicking on plug-ins on the WordPress dashboard.
  • Clicking on plug-ins, clicking on Add New and searching for Elementor in the list.
    Installing and activating the plug-in.
  • Clicking on the Edit with Elementor button present at the top of the new page that is opened (this opens Elementor’s live visual editor). Contact us 

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