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What Makes PHP Rule the Software Market till Now?

PHP has many attractive features that make it one of the best choices for designing fast, dynamic and responsive websites. Talk about web development and the first programming language that probably comes to one’s mind is PHP. Short for Personal … Read More

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Why JavaScript Makes Sense for Large Scale Web Application

20 years on, JavaScript has been the staple programming language for web development. Let the numbers do the talking. Over 94% of all websites out there are based on JavaScript. Upwards of 89% of websites use this programming language for … Read More

Steps to Price Your Development Services Appropriately

Pricing your development services is necessary to remain competitive in today’s world. Ensure to take these pointers into account when pricing your development services. How do you know that you are striking the right balance between the quality of services … Read More

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Web Development Trends that will Gain Traction in 2020

As web development comes of age, some existing trends gain traction and some decline while completely new ones emerge from nowhere. Ramming up your head against changing trends never pays. Instead, embracing them helps you to stay competitive in an … Read More

Things to Consider When Hiring a Web Development Company

Nowadays, you will find web development companies popping up everywhere. Despite the availability of a wide range of mobile applications, the need for web development companies is growing rapidly. Websites that are mobile-friendly have created a new type of audience … Read More

Role of a Web Development Company in Shaping the Future of Your Business

The purpose of any business is to set and achieve certain goals and objectives. While a physical presence was enough for a business previously, more businesses today have started moving towards to the online presence as well in order to … Read More

Reasons Why To Choose Professional Web Design Company Over Freelancing

Are you wondering whether to hire a professional web design company or a freelancer for your company website? It is a tough decision to make and each has its own pros and cons but it is a better idea to … Read More