Laravel: The Best PHP Framework to Look Out for in 2020

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Released only in 2011, Laravel has gained immense popularity among website and app developers across the world. This PHP framework offers developers the ability to build more complex, well-rounded, and secure web applications faster than it was possible ever before. The following are some of the major technical advantages that makes Laravel the best PHP framework for 2020:

Why Laravel is best PHP Framework?

1. With Laravel, the implementation of authentication techniques becomes very simple.

  • The simple way by which you can organize authorization logic and control the access to resources with Laravel makes it top the chart.

2. It has object-oriented libraries and many other pre-installed ones.

  • such as the Authentication library. You will not find these in any other PHP framework. It offers several advanced features, including checking active users, password reset, Bcrypt hashing, CSRF protection, and encryption.

3. It offers a built-in tool termed Artisan.

  • This tool for command line allows the developer to perform a majority of tedious and repetitive programming tasks that otherwise would have to be performed manually.

4. It supports the MVC Architecture.

  • This ensures logic and presentation clarity and improves the performance, allowing better documentation and offering multiple built-in functionalities.

5. It is secure.

  • For security within its framework, Laravel uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm, which generates an encrypted password representation. Thus, the password would never get saved as a plain text in the database. Besides, it provides a simple way to escape user input.

6. It is easy to keep database between development machines in sync.

  • With Laravel database migrations, you can migrate the changes to any other development machine, if you keep all the database work in migrations and seeds.

7. Laravel offers Lara casts.

  • This feature has a mix of free and paid well-thought-out and meaningful video tutorials about how to use Laravel.

8. Laravel’s Blade templating engine is very intuitive.

  • It is one of the best features of this framework as it helps the developer work with the typical PHP/HTML spaghetti in a better way.

9. It has a new Responsible Interface feature.

  • This feature of Laravel helps to implement the interface, which can be returned by using the controller method.

10. Its Automatic Package Discovery automatically detects packages users want to install.

  • Users don’t have to setup any aliases or providers from installing any new packages in Laravel. For specific packages, Laravel also allows developers to disable this automatic feature.

These amazing features of Laravel are enough to understand why that it is the best PHP framework in 2020 and its popularity is on the rise and will continue to be in the years to come. Contact Us .

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