8 Advanced iOS App Development tips for Beginners

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If you’re new into iOS app development, you need to understand that your app must be responsive and smooth to operate. Otherwise, your users will give you bad reviews if they feel the app is slow or not responsive.

But due to the restrictions of iOS devices, it can become difficult for beginners to work on the new apps. Since there are lots of things to keep in mind while iOS app development, it can become easier to forget the impact of your technical decisions.

But don’t worry; here we have shared the eight advances iOS development tips for you to improve the overall performance of your mobile apps.

Some Advanced iOS Development tips for Beginners

1. Improve Swift Build Times

Due to the Xcode 9.2, app developers can improve swift build times of the app while enabling it with this user default:


It is an experimental feature to increase the memory use of an app during its development.

2. Use Storyboards

Storyboards are the single file for your app screens on different devices. Besides showing all the screens of the app, it also shows how well they are connected.

The major components of this feature are:

  • Scene – It is a screen or view in the storyboard. It is a part of the UI and often present on the screen.
  • Segues – It is a part of the iOS development, depicting a transition.
  • Segue identifier – This is a unique name of Segue to recognize a specific segue.

3. Record iOS Simulator Video

When developing an iOS app, it’s essential to take a screenshot or capture the simulator window’s video with the help of the xcrun command-line.

For recording the video, you need to enter the given command:

xcrun simctl io booted recordVideo <filename>.<file extension>.

After recording, press Ctrl + c to stop video recording. The file will be created in the current directory as per its default location.

4. Utilize iOS Simulator in Full-Screen Mode

The best feature of Xcode 9 is that it enables you to run iOS simulator and Xcode together in its full-screen mode.

This feature can be executed by giving this command:

defaults write com.apple.iphonesimulator AllowFullscreenMode -bool YES

For using more secret features of Simulator, enable the hidden Internals menu by Apple. This can be done by creating an empty folder, named “AppleInternal” in the main directory and run the following command:

sudo mkdir/AppleInternal

5. Understand Agile Development

Using agile technology, you can carry out actual app development in a given phase. With this technology, every project can be handled differently while customising particular projects as per your requirements.

6. Use Sprinting

It is a term used for an agile development process to break a given product into smaller increasing builds. All these builds are present in iterations that last for just one to three weeks, therefore called “sprint.” Each sprint has a cross-functional team to work on distinct app development areas, such as coding, planning, designing, requirements analysis, acceptance testing and unit testing.

7. Automated Testing

It is one of the most beneficial features of iOS app development and testing. Besides helping you detect performance glitches and bugs, it also helps you perform testing on various devices while saving your time. It also improves the productivity of testing and enables you to run different tests on SDK versions.

8. Enter Information in iTunes Connect

Using the iTunes Connect web tool, you can enter additional information about your app in the store. This tool helps you store all the data about your iOS app like builds and versions uploaded with X code. So, it’s important to mention all the information about the app before submitting it.


Using the given tips and tricks, you can easily improve the performance of your apps on iOS. Hope, this article will be helpful for beginners looking for some quick hacks to make the desired changes on their iOS app development project.

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