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What Makes PHP Rule the Software Market till Now?

PHP has many attractive features that make it one of the best choices for designing fast, dynamic and responsive websites. Talk about web development and the first programming language that probably comes to one’s mind is PHP. Short for Personal … Read More

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Tips to Optimize Laravel Website or Application for Fast Performance

Larvel is a useful PHP development platform for business websites – from simple web applications to complex APIs. This platform offers amazing architecture and a set of libraries for building well-structured codes on different websites. However, to create multiple websites, … Read More

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Reasons Your Business Needs SEO or Search Engine Optimization

From finding nearby restaurants to B2B marketing, today people depend on search engines to help them with everything. This means no matter what business you run, your target audience is likely to search for your services or products online on … Read More

How to improve your Website's Performance with CodeIgniter Framework?

How to improve your Website’s Performance with CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter framework is majorly used for developing amazing web solutions with various inbuilt features and high-end security. That’s why CodeIgniter Development Services are in high demand by many PHP developers. But to boost the performance of your website, you must … Read More

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Is Your Website Voice-Search Friendly?

Since most people nowadays use voice search to look for specific products or query on Google or other search engines, having a voice-search friendly website has become very important. This is because it’s the future of web search and can … Read More

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How Your FAQ Page Can Help On Your SEO Strategies

Nowadays, many websites are being made with separate Frequently Asked Questions page. Including this page on a website is important for answering queries of both current and potential customers. The FAQ page is important for converting your website visitors into … Read More

Things You Should Know About Elementor

Elementor is an advanced WordPress page builder, which has been gaining a lot of rave reviews from users. With a slew of unique features, it is a must-try for users wishing to create professional websites easily and quickly. Ever since … Read More

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Learn How to Build Your Business Web Presence

The online presence has a huge potential to boost your business, meaning you should utilize it to grow your business. These tips can help you set up and maintain an effective online presence. In today’s internet-savvy world, online presence has … Read More

Laravel: The Best PHP Framework to Look Out for in 2020

Released only in 2011, Laravel has gained immense popularity among website and app developers across the world. This PHP framework offers developers the ability to build more complex, well-rounded, and secure web applications faster than it was possible ever before. … Read More

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Why JavaScript Makes Sense for Large Scale Web Application

20 years on, JavaScript has been the staple programming language for web development. Let the numbers do the talking. Over 94% of all websites out there are based on JavaScript. Upwards of 89% of websites use this programming language for … Read More